maia cruz palileo

Wild Flowers

 The Duet

Love Grass

The Spell

Magic Fire

A Thousand Arms Offered

Eyes in Their Hands

They Dreamed in English

Amigo by Day

Ancestral Home

The Way Back

Green Carnations

The Passage

Against Trees, Under the Shade of Thickets

Men with Escabeche

i love the way she painted the escabeche (so much volume) and the barong tagalog (so gauzy)... two completely different textures on top of each other yet distinct

The Seer

if i could purchase only one of these paintings, it would be this one... it just makes me feel warm, like my lola's hug or my lolo's smile

The Blind Farm Dog

but also i love this one (maybe i just love the elderly)

The Old Table

actually this one might be my favorite. i'd hang it in my dining room where the last supper portrait would be


Titas in Bulacan

Normal Boy

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